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Our business model is simple – we help people to make the most of their money

How MoneySuperMarket works

We want to help you save money on your household bills. So we’ve built an online service that enables you to compare all sorts of financial products as simply and quickly as possible.

We’re passionate about the fact our services are available at no cost to you. Running this website is our bread and butter – we want to be clear on how we work as a business, and how we make money.

Our aim is to let you easily search deals from a wide range of brands, and explain how different products work, so that you can choose the ones that suit you best. While we work hard with providers to get you a great deal, we can’t guarantee every company will be included, for a number of reasons:

  • Some don’t want their products included on comparison websites.
  • Some smaller providers can struggle to cope with the number of customers we can show their products to.
  • We have around 500 employees and though we try hard to find all deals out there, and work with providers to show them on the website, we can’t promise to have every single one.
  • Before we first include providers on our site, they have to satisfy us that they meet the standards we expect. We audit this from time to time too, and while we can’t guarantee every provider is perfect, we do sometimes decide not to work with some of them.

So we can’t guarantee to find you the absolute cheapest – or most lucrative – deals at all times. However, we strive to help you make good money decisions and switch to better value products than those you already have, especially if you haven’t changed provider in the past year or so.

How we get paid

We need to make money in order to continue to find you even better and easier ways to save money, and to grow as a business. So the companies you see on our site – such as banks, insurers and energy suppliers – pay us a fee when you choose them from our search results.

How we get paid depends on what product you are comparing. We either get paid a fee when you actually switch to a provider, or when you click through to a provider (ie, before you actually buy). For a few products we are paid a ‘commission’ – simply put, a percentage of the cost to you of the insurance policy.

This is possible because the fees we charge are small in comparison with the costs companies would have to pay to advertise on TV, or reach customers through other avenues. This is why so many choose to work with us.

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